Free Rap Beats

Welcome to our collection of FREE Rap and Hip Hop beats. Download our latest instrumentals at no cost to you below.

If you have an extensive collection of songs that you have written and recorded, then you may want to add more to your collection by getting some great instrumental tracks. All rappers and singers out there are all too familiar with how extremely competitive the music industry is. It can be hard to gain an edge against your competition because of all the millions of rappers and singers out there who are all trying their absolute best to woo over some fans. This is why downloading free rap beats can give you the edge you need to level the playing field and give yourself a shot at beating your competition.

Free Rap Beats

One of the most important things to remember in today’s music industry is that you should always come out with something fresh so that you will remain relevant in the eyes of your fans. You could be enjoying a number one single one day only to see yourself fade away into obscurity the very next day. This is how quick it is for fans to change their perception of you.

It is never a good thing to lose the support of your fans because it can be quite difficult to get it back. The best way to remain a fresh though in the minds of your fans is to always come out with fresh music. However, this can be a little expensive because putting out new music would usually mean having to create more new beats and instrumentals, and if you are not that skilled when it comes to beat making then the only option that you have left is to hire someone to do it for you. Professional beat makers usually charge high prices, so it may not be in your best interest to constantly spend money on them.

By using the tracks like the ones on this site, you will not only be able to save up some money, but you will also get to release at least one new song every week.

The True Essence of Rap/ Hip Hop

When compared to other music, hip hop can easily be distinguished because they are more focused on heavy drum lines that are accompanied by some heavy bass lines. As you’ll notice from our free hip hop beats, these instrumentals can also be more naturally rhythmic as well. There is also a different approach taken whenever attention is given to the melody of hip hop music. Learn more about Rap Music

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