Free R&B Beats

Welcome to our collection of free r&b beats and instrumentals. Download our latest tracks below:

Getting these tracks is a great way for rappers and singers to treat their fans to a new, different sound. Fans will always want to hear something new from their favorite music artists, so treating them to some fresh content on a consistent basis will help you maintain the support that you are getting from them. The r&b instrumentals that we have on this site can easily be downloaded and used for promotional purposes.

Free R&B Beats

Being able to consistently put out some new music for your fans is one of the keys to succeeding in today’s music industry. Not being able to give your fans new content will make them completely forget about you and they may even move on to a new artist. This is why this site is giving you the opportunity to download some rnb backing tracks so that you can constantly come up with something new to keep your listeners excited.

When compared to hip hop, R and B music tracks tend to be more melodic in nature although they still retain some of the more prominent features of hip hop. These musical backing instrumentals usually feature heavy drums, but compared to other kinds of music the drums are a little more laid back and less grimey in sound.  Rather than heavy rhythms and repetition, R&B songs are usually more focused on dynamic arrangements, chord progression, and melody. They are also mellower in tune compared to rap which are more focused on drums and heavy bass lines.

The free R&B beats that we have on this site are ideal for both singers and rappers since they not only compliment the vocal melody to a tee, but they can also work hand in hand with rap songs as well. Rap songs that incorporate RnB sounds can easily become chart toppers and stick in the minds of the fans as long as the right elements are mixed with it. So whether you are a singer or a rapper, these tracks can become a staple part of your compositions and can help get your singing career start off on the right foot. Learn more about R&B music

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